Estrogen Dominance — What Is It, and How Does it Affect Our Health?

We often think of hormonal issues as something only women deal with, but men can experience hormonal imbalances and the issues that result, too!

Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

In addition to the issues and diseases I just mentioned that estrogen dominance fuels, it also causes troubling and uncomfortable symptoms in both sexes.

A Variety of Causes at Play

There are many potential causes of estrogen dominance, and often multiple causes are at play.

This leads us to our first cause of estrogen dominance — a stressed liver from overexposure to toxins, that loses the ability to properly detoxify the body and break down estrogen.

Whenever 4-OH is formulated, it needs to be deactivated by the liver…but if the liver is stressed and not functioning properly, the excess, problematic estrogen can’t be metabolized and deactivated, and remains in the body.

  • Gut dysbiosis, or an overproliferation of bad vs good bacteria in the gut. A balanced microbiome is essential for a properly functioning, balanced body. How does dysbiosis take hold? The overuse of antibiotics and antibacterial soap, exposure to toxins like herbicides and pesticides, unhealthy diets, unmanaged stress…it’s a long list. There are even types of “bad” bacteria that wield the power to convert estrogen to the damaging 4-OH variety!
  • Constipation. Excess estrogen is passed out of the body through our stool, but when someone is constipated and it’s not eliminated in short order, it gets reabsorbed by the body.
  • Stress and inflammation. This includes hidden infections (think old root canals, gut infections/parasites, etc.), which drive inflammation.
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction. When the energy factory in your cells, your mitochondria, aren’t producing enough energy, dysfunction results. If you have low energy levels, or have trouble losing weight, it’s a safe bet that you have mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Alcohol. This is another big driver of estrogen dominance, as alcohol consumption stresses the liver.

Restoring Hormonal Balance

In order to have healthy, balanced hormones, you must have a healthy liver that’s unburdened by toxicity.

To the greatest extent possible, avoid toxins in everyday products and replace them with safer alternatives. Swap plastic food storage containers for glass, start using clean beauty and body products, replace toxic cleaning products with natural ones, filter your air and water, and eat organic whenever possible.

Food is medicine, treat it as such!



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