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When people start following the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) eating plan we use in our cellular healing program, they often wonder what they’ll eat for breakfast, since eggs, grains, dairy, and coffee are eliminated for a short time…and as we all know, that knocks out what most Americans eat for breakfast! But I can tell you — after our students start eating outside those boundaries, most never look back (with the exception of eggs, we encourage people to add those back into their diet once the body is healed, as long as they don’t have an intolerance to them!).

Cutting out extra carbs, sugar, and empty calories at breakfast in exchange for nutrient-dense foods sets you up for a balanced, productive day — you have more energy, think more clearly, and just feel better overall when you feed your body healthy fuel instead of bogging it down with sugar and carbs right out of the gate!

Find the recipes for these nutrient-dense breakfasts below!

What We Eat for Breakfast Matters

Even traditional breakfast foods marketed as “healthy” are anything but (like most foods in our world today). Commercial cereal is packed full of refined grains and sugar, so is “healthy” instant oatmeal. And those yogurts lots of people reach for every morning? They’re sugar traps, too! Frozen breakfast offerings are no better, offering little in the way of real nutrition with tons of artificial flavors and additives packed in.

And we haven’t even touched on the worst offenders! Stacks of pancakes. Waffles drenched in butter and syrup. Biscuits drowning in gravy. Pastries and muffins with at least a day’s worth of sugar baked into one serving.

You see what I’m getting at…there are endless ways to start the day off on the wrong foot, nutritionally, which leaves us feeling mentally foggy, exhausted, and ready to crash by 2 pm. And the effects are the same (if not worse) for kids — how can we expect them to concentrate and learn new things all day at school if they’re sent off with a belly full of sugar every morning?

A quick note about eggs…as I mentioned above, we encourage students to reintroduce eggs into their diet once they have completed the program if they’re able (i.e. as long as they don’t have a sensitivity or intolerance to them), because eggs are an incredibly healthy and nutritious source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. The recipes my team and I create don’t include eggs because we want them to work for everyone, even people in the elimination phase of the AIP diet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not healthy and a great addition to most people’s diets! 🍳 👍

Try These Recipes to Break Out of Your Breakfast Rut!

Now that we’ve established what NOT to eat for breakfast, what should you eat instead?

Below are a few easy recipes I recently shared on my website blog at — these are all made with clean, nutrient-dense ingredients that will serve as fuel for your day…there’s no refined sugar, grains, or dairy in any of these recipes!

I also like to make smoothies for breakfast — they’re a quick, easy way to pack a lot of nutrients into something you can take with you on the go.

You can look up AIP or Paleo breakfast smoothie recipes for inspiration…I like to throw a couple handfuls of frozen spinach and berries into a blender with some avocado, MCT oil, and flavored collagen powder (you can add a little honey or pure maple syrup to sweeten it up a bit, but not too much!), and voila! Breakfast is served.

There’s also plenty of ways to eat meat for breakfast, just make sure there are no additives or unhealthy oils used to cook it — pork, turkey, or chicken sausage are great for breakfast! We use ground turkey in the breakfast hash recipe below. Eggs are great, too, if you’re not following the AIP diet.

A healthy breakfast hash ranks right up there with a smoothie for an easy, nutrient-dense, go-to breakfast…you can choose any kind of meat you’d like, then mix in some sweet potatoes and other vegetables and spices to make endless variations so you’ll never get bored.

Without further ado, here’s the recipes!

🍠 Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash 🍠

🍎 Gluten-free Apple Crumble Muffins 🍎

🔷 Blueberry AIP/Paleo Breakfast Bars 🔷

If you give any of these a try, let me know what you think in the comments below! What other kinds of recipes would you like to see on my blog? I’m always open to suggestions!



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