Leaky Gut

“Better Health Begins At The Cell.” -Dr. Bill Cole

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Hey guys, today I want to talk to with you about a leaky gut. A lot of you have it. A lot of you don’t know you have it. It’s really epidemic in our society. I’ll explain what it is in a second. But I was at conference not too long ago and a medical doctor came up to me and said, “There’s really no proof there’s leaky guts.” I said, “Well, you’re not even aware of the over 1,600 studies in your own profession that talks about something called intestinal permeability.”

It’s understood in the medical profession. Maybe two different names, but same concept.

What’s happening is so often we’re damaging our guts because of what we’re doing, the foods we’re eating, antibiotics we’re exposed to, herbicides, pesticides. Leaky gut is when the lining of the gut becomes porous. Instead of it being intact and keeping things in and out that should be in and out, it winds up allowing stuff into the bloodstream. Things like bacteria, viruses, undigested food particles, endotoxins, creates a generalized inflammatory state in the body.

This leaky gut can be dealt with, but people need to realize where its roots are coming from. You need to get rid of these things. Toxins are playing a role obviously, too. So, we need to recognize what we’re putting into our body toxin-wise and food-wise. All the way down to the water we drink with chlorine, that’s going to create disruption in the bacteria in your gut, which can contribute to a leaky gut, a damaged lining in the gut.

The three things that I would recommend to you for gut health is number one, avoid sugar at all cost. Sugar is a major, major problem. That alone when you give me somebody who’s got acid reflux, or heartburn, or we know they have autoimmune disease tends to result in a leaky gut. Not just getting rid of sugar alone in your diet, but also foods that readily turn to sugar. Then also the artificial sugars, right?

We are a nation of carboholics. We’re looking sugar in all of its forms even if it’s food like rice, bread, cereal, pasta, and things like that. They readily turn to sugar in our body. This is going to satisfy this craving that we have for this constant need for carbs and sugar in our body. We got to break that habit. Get rid of the sugar. Get rid of the foods that readily turn to sugar.

And then the other thing that I would always recommend is you start eating fermented vegetables. Things like raw sauerkraut or kimchi. These foods are going to be loaded with probiotics, and they’re going to help to recede what is generally a deficiency of good bacteria in the gut because of us wiping them out from all of these things that we do that are detrimental to our gut. Fermented vegetables as a regular part of your diet.

And then the last thing is bone broth. A good organic bone broth. You want to use grass fed-beef bone broth or free-range chicken bone broth. These bone broths are going to be loaded with nutrients that will help to heal the lining of our gut and improve digestion as a result.

I hope those three tips are helpful for you guys. If you are interested in more information, go to ColeClass.com

I hope this helps.

Take care, guys. God Bless.



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