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5 min readJul 2, 2019


“Better Health Begins At The Cell.” -Dr. Bill Cole

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Hey guys, today I want to talk with you about one of my favorite subjects. Something that’s probably afflicting you. If your health is not what you wish it would be, and that is low energy.

But this whole thing about energy, right? So, we do a lot of consults in my practice, maybe 80–110 every single month. These individual people who come in, if you were to sit in my room, and you were to watch or listen to these people explain their problems, how many of them do you think come in and tell me about how robust their energy is? That they don’t have any energy problems? It’s virtually none.

Every now and again, you’ll get somebody that’ll come in and be like, “No, my energy is pretty good.” But most of the people, when I say on a scale of 1 to 10, they’re telling me like 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s. They’re just diminished energy-wise. As a result, it diminishes the quality of their life.

But what I want to do for you today is, I want to take it down to the cell level. I want you to understand what’s happening with you if you’re one of these people who has low energy, and then what the heck you need to do to help yourself start to get out of that.

So, we go down to (as we’re always talking about) the cell. The cells of our body. This is where the good stuff has to get in, and the bad stuff has to get out to keep our cells healthy. But what happens is, because we consume too many bad fats, too much sugar, way too much sugar, and then we’re exposed to too many toxins, we wind up damaging this membrane of our cell that is supposed to be that permeable membrane. Now, that chronic inflammation on our cell won’t allow the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Well, the way energy is made in our body is in these little energy factories called mitochondria. They have their own cell, which can also be inflamed. Then you wind up having a whole other set of problems.

But just for simplicity’s sake here today, these mitochondria produce something called ATP. That is your gasoline for your cell. If you don’t have enough ATP production, you’re running low on gasoline. Well, here’s one of the most common things that we see. People will have this chronic inflammation, even if they’re eating a good diet, these nutrients can’t get into the cell, and now you don’t have the raw materials to make the energy that you need. You wind up with a deficiency of ATP. You’re low in energy and guess what’s going to happen now? Guess what happens to those of you that are not making enough ATP because your cells are so chronically inflamed, because you’ve spent too much time, unwittingly maybe, consuming too much sugar or too many bad fats, and being exposed to all the toxins we’re exposed to? Well, you’re not getting the stuff in. Guess what’s going to happen at that point? You’re going to be a carb craver. A sugar craver.

What’s the fastest form of energy if you don’t have enough energy? It’s going to be sugar. So, that’s why you’re going to have this unnatural craving for sugar. This is what we see. But here’s the beautiful thing. When you start dealing with this and start fixing this cell membrane by the things that we teach you, and again, I want to remind you to go back and click on the link above, or go to ColeClass.com, and you’ll learn more about these things that we’re trying to get you to understand from this root cause perspective. This is a root cause perspective, folks. If you can fix this here. Then you get the stuff into your cell that you need, and you start making more ATP. Your energy level comes up, and guess what the biggest bonus is? You quit craving sugar!

You can break this habit. You can set yourself free. Because look, if it’s about willpower, we’re all going to lose. It’s unnatural, this constant craving for sugar. When you start getting the good stuff in, those cravings will go down, and now you’re free. When you’re free, you can do whatever you want to do health-wise. But if it’s always a battle, all of us are going to lose. We will all lose. So, it’s got to be more natural. It’s got to be the way our ancestors used to live when they didn’t have these kind of cravings, because they weren’t consuming 120–150 pounds of sugar per person per year, like the typical American is.

So, listen, I hope this helps you understand. We’ve got to get down to that root cell level. We’ve got to get the energy, the raw materials into our cell, to make this ATP and then all kinds of good things will start to happen, and you’ll stop craving the sugar the way that you do.

Again, if this is helpful to you and you want to learn more about how to get yourself better, go to ColeClass.com to check out more.

Take care, guys. God bless.



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