Rapid Brain Deterioration Is Happening! Here’s How to Reverse It. — Dr. Bill Cole

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6 min readApr 19, 2019


“Better Health Begins At The Cell.” -Dr. Bill Cole

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Hey guys, today I want to talk with you about the brain. In a given month, I might do fifty consults with new patients, and the number one thing that creates the most emotion is brain issues. People that are just fearful because of what they’re seeing with their parents or with their grandparents, and they’re just so afraid of it happening to them. They’re coming in so often with things like brain fog, right? The function of their brain is diminishing, and they notice it. They might have anxiety. They might have depression. Sleep issues. These are all brain problems.

The question is why is our brain deteriorating so much faster than the rest of our body?

We know that Alzheimer’s is the fastest growing disease in our society, where did it come from? It wasn’t that long ago that this was not an issue like it is today. Things are accelerating because of what we’re doing to ourselves.

Listen, there are things we can do. There are things we’re exposing ourselves to. There are changes we can make that make a real difference. There’s a long list, I want to give you a partial list. Things to think about, food for thought, here today.

#1. Calcium channel blockers

A lot of you are taking high blood pressure medication, but you’re not being told that these calcium channel blockers on MRI have been shown to shrink the brain. Imagine that. No one’s even talking about something so serious that so many people are taking. It shrinks the brain, and within five years, it’s been shown somewhere in that five-year range, to start reducing a person’s IQ. My Lord, how incredible is it that something so devastating is not being discussed! The bad part about it is, most of you don’t need to be on high blood pressure medications. I’m not telling you to stop; I’m telling you to get healthy! Address the reason why you have high blood pressure. It’s not because you lacked calcium channel blockers. That’s not fixing your problem. It’s lowering a number on a piece of paper, but it’s not addressing why that number was high, to begin with. That’s reason number one that I wanted to discuss today.

#2. Statin drugs

Drugs like Lipitor. These statin drugs, which really, the way they work is they poison the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol. Cholesterol is not the boogie man, guys. God put cholesterol in our body. It’s essential for life. What we’re doing by taking drugs like Lipitor, these statin-type drugs, is we’re turning off the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol. We starve the brain for cholesterol, which is essential for brain health, the ability to repair the membranes in our brain and to stave off Alzheimer’s. That’s issue number two.

#3. Heavy metals

We see this, people who have silver fillings in their mouth, half of which is composed of mercury! They’ll tell you things like, “Well, it’s safe in your mouth.” Well, if it’s really safe in the mouth, why then when the dentist takes it out of your mouth, does he have to use a no-touch technique. Why does he have to bury it under fluid, following OSHA guidelines? Somehow it’s that dangerous when it’s out of your mouth, but when it’s in your mouth and you’re pouring coffee and brushing your teeth, it’s completely safe? Go watch a YouTube segment called The Smoking Tooth, it’ll open your eyes as to what these mercury vapors released from silver fillings can do. We know, if you ever heard stories about something called Mad Hatter’s Disease, back in the day they used to use mercury when they cured the felt for the hats, well, it caused these people to go crazy. It was subsequently called Mad Hatter’s Disease. Those are the things that they knew long ago and today we’re being so exposed to these types of things.

Another one is aluminum. In our baking powders, in our antacids, in our deodorants, in aluminum cookware. The list is long. We are not escaping aluminum. In your vaccinations. Aluminum is getting into our brain, and what it does is it tangles the nerves in our brain. Can you imagine that? It also creates this production of this gum, glue-like substance, which gums up the workings of our brain. It’s called amyloid plaquing. It’s the beginning of Alzheimer’s. Heavy metals are a huge thing.

#4. Phosphatidyl Serine

Here are some things that we can do to help to deal with this: Number one, the nutritional powerhouse Phosphatidylserine (P-S). It’s been shown in research to actually reverse memory loss. In one case, in particular, they looked at a person who for three months took Phosphatidylserine, and they were able to turn back the clock in terms of brain function. They were able to take that person back to where they were twelve years ago in terms of brain function. So, Phosphatidylserine is a big one.

#5. DHA and Omega 3’s

Healthy fats in general, cholesterol, like grass-fed beef and wild salmon. Cholesterol is necessary for life. It’s necessary for brain function, hormone production, & nerve function. Cholesterol is so vital, and yet we’re told to avoid cholesterol. Nothing could be further from the truth. Healthy fats in general. One of my favorites is hemp oil. It has a ratio of 4 to 1 Omega 6 to Omega 3, which has been shown to be very brain healthy. In terms of improving brain function and scything off things like Alzheimer’s.

#6. Green Tea

Another thing that I love is green tea, but real green tea. Something like Sencha. Premium, organic green tea. It’s the best green tea that we have come across by far. The polyphenols and other things in that green tea are able to stop the production of the amyloids from forming in the brain.

Those are some simple things that you guys can do. The big thing is your lifestyle!

You gotta pay attention to what we’re doing that’s harming ourselves, right? It’s bad diets. It’s the exposure to toxins. We’re creating this damage at the cell membrane of our body. We’ve got to reverse that, and you do that through addressing the cause.

There’s never been a case of high blood pressure caused because you didn’t have enough calcium channel blockers. You’ve got to address the reason why you have high blood pressure. I’m not telling you to throw your drugs down the toilet, that might be dangerous, but how about getting healthy! You can do that, and you can do that by changing the things that we’re doing in our lives as Americans. Hope this helps. Take care, guys.

God bless,

Dr. Bill Cole



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