The 3 Biggest Lies That Keep Us From Losing Weight (Part 3)

“Better Health Begins At The Cell.” -Dr. Bill Cole

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Hey guys, it’s Dr. Cole here for part three on our series on weight loss.

Leptin resistance, right? Leptin is the master fat burning hormone. Go back and read the previous blog posts where I talked about some of the myths about weight loss. Then I got into detail about this idea of why people can’t lose weight. It’s called leptin resistance. Or, in general, hormone resistance because there are other hormones besides leptin like insulin, thyroid, growth hormone, testosterone, and more. They can all be playing a role in this, but your a master fat burning hormone is leptin.

Most people who are obese are leptin resistant. It is a hormone problem, but it is not a deficiency of hormones. It is the inability of those hormones to get into your cell and work.

Cellular damage, that’s the problem. And not just cellular damage, but more specifically, damage to the receptors on the cell. These are these tiny hairlike projections around the cell on the membrane of the cell. That’s where the hormones dock. That’s where nutrients dock. That’s how these good things get into our cells.

When we’re chronically inflamed, when our cells are damaged because of the fact that we live this standard American life. For those of you living in other parts, you’re also experiencing the Western experience, right? For most of you at least. And what is that? And this is the reason why. This is why I want you to pay attention right now because this gets to the root cause and this is why we are able to see patients lose 40, 50, and 60 pounds in three months when nothing that they did worked before. It’s how we’re able to help people who are at the end of their rope health-wise be able to get their life back because we are dealing with root causes.

The root causes go down to the cell level. I don’t care what disease. I don’t care what symptoms you have. It’s all traceable down to that foundational thing inside of you. The cells of your body. If your cells are sick, you’re sick and you can’t lose weight if you’ve got hormone resistance it’s because your cells are damaged.

There are three things that cause that. You can see my other videos and blog posts, I talk about it a lot, but for those of you here for the first time, they are too many bad fats in our lives, too much sugar, and too many toxins.

The bad fats are things like margarine, like canola oil, like vegetable oil, like corn oil. Most of us get the fact that margarine is bad. These partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats. We understand that. We’ve been trained to understand that, but what we have also been trained to believe is that polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oil, for instance, are healthy for us.

That’s what the government wants us to believe. That’s what they taught. That’s what they push. The truth of the matter is inside of a vegetable, polyunsaturated fats are anti-inflammatory. When they extract them and through their processing, they become denatured. Now they become highly inflammatory. They’re part of the reason why the cells become damaged. The receptors become damaged, why the hormones can’t get in. They’re attracted to fat. What is the the membrane of your cell made out of? Fat. Two layers of fat called a bilipid layer.

When we consume vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, and other bad fats, they launch into the membrane and create this inflammatory response. So, we need to eliminate the bad fats.

We need to focus on the good fats, which will heal yourself, such as grass-fed beef, wild salmon, grass-fed butter, hemp oil, avocados, avocado oil, and free-range eggs.

You can find them online. Healthy fats, and by the way, and this is where our government is also telling us the things that are wrong. They’re telling us that saturated fats and cholesterol are our enemy. That they make us sick. They give us heart disease. Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s what our ancestors lived on when they lived on farms. They ate lard. They ate butter. They ate these things that didn’t make them fat and didn’t give them heart disease. Now, we’re supposed to believe that this is what’s happening with us.

Look around, is consuming vegetable oil and avoiding saturated fats working? No. It’s because it was never intended to be that way. God gave us these healthy fats. We’re supposed to be able to consume them in health. You have to make a distinction, though, and if you go back and look at my videos, I talk about a cow, for instance, that never sees a blade of grass. They live knee deep in their own excrement. They’re given daily doses of antibiotics, force-fed corn and soy which is an unnatural diet for them which then changes their fat. That’s an unhealthy saturated fat.

But you get saturated fat, cholesterol, from a clean source, and now you’re talking a completely different story. It’s anti-inflammatory in the body. So, fats are one thing.

2. Too Much Sugar

The second thing is sugar. In 1900, the average American family consumed 5–10 pounds of processed sugar per family per year. So, in your mind’s eye, think of it as 1 or 2 five pound bags of sugar.

What does the average American individual consume today? 120–150 pounds per person.

Now, that is mind blowing when you think about what a family consumed versus what we’re consuming today. It is no wonder that we are a mess. It’s no wonder the diseases, these inflammatory diseases like diabetes, are skyrocketing in our society. These autoimmune diseases. All because of what we’re doing to ourselves. This prodigious consumption of sugar.

I joke about this, how many people in my 34 years do you think I’ve had come to me and complain that they were addicted to vegetables? The answer is none. How many people are addicted to sugar? Just tremendous. It’s epidemic in our society.

When I talk to people about their diet, and I tell them they’ve got to start reducing sugar, what kind of response do you think I get? I just see their countenance drop because in their heart they know they’re addicted to these carbohydrates. Totally unnatural. But you’ve got to start there, guys. You’ve got to get rid of these sugars and start, you know, just weaning them from your life. This over consumption of sugar. So, that’s the second thing in terms of the causes, this inflammation and damage to ourselves.

3. Too Many Toxins

The third thing is toxins.

I graduated in the mid-eighties. In the beginning, back then, it was more diet than toxins, I believe, in terms of the problem. Today it’s flipped. We see toxins creating the major problem in our society.

We are so inundated with poisons, especially as Americans, that they’re damaging our cells. They, too, are fat soluble. They’re attracted to that cellular membrane. They lodge into our cells, and they create inflammation. So, we’ve got to identify the toxins and start making better choices. Getting rid of the toxins and replacing them with things that are not toxic.

So, bad fats, sugars, and toxins. That’s what creates the cell damage. That’s what we need to change. Once you start to change that, then you’ll start to see your cells start to heal. When they heal, your receptors heal, and then the hormones can start to work.

So, here’s what I recommend. An anti inflammatory diet, something like autoimmune Paleo. I use in my clinic what is called the Cellular Healing Diet. It’s a little bit different, but the autoimmune Paleo Diet will be excellent for those of you that really want to get yourself on track with reducing inflammation and re-sensitizing hormones.

But, guys, hear me on this now, you NEED to be strict.

You can’t be dotting your diet every day with things that are still bad. Thinking because you’re eating less of them, that somehow that’s going to be enough. For you fortunate ones, it might be. For the majority of you though, you’re throwing gasoline on a fire that you’re trying to put out, which is that cellular inflammation. If you keep stoking the fire, how are you going to put it out? You can’t. So, you’ve got to be fairly strict.

And the more strict you are, the better it’ll be. I say your results will be commensurate to the effort you put into it. So, you’ve got to take that part of it serious. What you put into your body is foundational. An autoimmune Paleo diet is the way to go for those of you that are in weight loss resistance.

The second thing, and by the way, my son has a book called “Ketotarian”. His name is Dr. Will Cole. Number one on Amazon right now. It’s really taken off. It is an even more strict type of diet where you’re actually searching to get into ketosis, which will give you even faster results for the vast, vast majority of you.

So, you can check that out on Amazon. Dr. Will Cole, “Ketotarian”. It’s a fantastic resource. It has lots of recipes in it, and he really focuses in on these things that I’m trying to teach you guys in terms of inflammation and hormone resistance.

Another thing that we would recommend would be something like intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is where you go longer periods of time where you’re not putting any food in, drinking only water. I recommend this. Try to go 18 hours. That would be something like dinner time the night before until lunchtime the next day. Try to get 18 hours where all you’ve consumed is water.

Intermittent fasting is something that will help to heal your cells and help to re-sensitize your hormones. You can do it three days a week, five days a week, seven days a week, whatever you want to do. The more the better as far as I’m concerned, at least for a period of time. So, intermittent fasting is another thing that we utilize.

For those of you who have gut issues, and even if you don’t have gut issues, you probably think you have them, you probably do because of what we’ve done to our guts with antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, and fluoride. But, from a weight loss perspective, there’s a ton of research. More and more showing this relationship between a healthy environment inside of our gut. Our natural flora in our gut the healthy bacteria, and the balance between good and bad bacteria gets out of balance called dysbiosis, which can create what’s called leaky gut.

Leaky gut is where your undigested foods are passing into the body, and it causes an inflammatory response. So, we want to work on the gut. And so what I recommend is fermented vegetables. Fermented vegetables like raw sauerkraut. Organic, raw sauerkraut, like kimchi. Kombucha. You can Google it, and you’ll find all kinds of different things that you can actually ferment yourself, buy online, or find in a health food store.

But fermented vegetables will start to repopulate your gut. And that’s something that’s super important, too. We want to work on the gut for a lot of you, for most of you. Like I said, everybody should try that for a period of time.

And then the last thing would be exercise. I told you that I love exercise, and it can be a great adjunct. What I love exercise for is how it re-sensitizes your hormones. How it gets your cells more receptive to hormones. Not because you’re necessarily burning calories, but because of what the effect will be at the cell level. And the type of training that I like is a combination of what’s called high intensity interval training or burst training combined with weightlifting or weight-resistance training. Those two things have made the biggest change in my life and in hundreds and hundreds of my patients’ lives.

You don’t need to kill yourself in the gym. It can be every other day for 20–30 minutes total between burst training and the weight training. That’s it. And if you did that three days a week, for most of you, that’s going to be enough. Check it out. You can Google it. But high intensity interval training or burst training combined with weight training. Those four things, autoimmune Paleo Diet, an anti inflammatory diet or Ketotarian diet like my son’s book. Second thing is intermittent fasting. Third thing is working on the gut, adding these good bacteria, like with fermented vegetables. By the way, there is a good probiotic available, but it won’t compare to the fermented vegetables. It’s from a company called Prescript-Assist, and it’s a good soil-based organism. You can take a couple of them a day, and that’ll help your gut.

And then that last thing is exercise. Where you’re going to do a different type of exercise. You’re going to do short bursts of more intense training. Start off slow. Don’t kill yourself, don’t hurt yourself. I hope this helps you. For those of you that are stuck, this is where you need to go. And if you’re still stuck when you’re doing this stuff, you might even ultimately need to get into extended water fasting. For most of you, you won’t need to. Some of you, you will. Or you would start off two or three days of nothing but water, and then work yourself up from there to five days. That is tremendously healing to the gut. There’s a book from a doctor, Jason Fung, he’s a medical doctor. It’s called “The Complete Guide to Fasting”. And fasting has been a godsend for so many of my patients.

I hope this helps.

Take care, guys. God bless.



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