The Truth About Stress

“Better Health Begins At The Cell.” -Dr. Bill Cole

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Hey everybody, today I want to talk on stress.

Listen, when it comes to stress, as a health practitioner, we ask people lots of questions because we’re trying to get to the root cause. Why are you sick? We’re not just interested in naming a problem, we want to find out why that problem is there, and so we do case histories and we’ll dig in to find the cause. We consider ourselves to be like health detectives. Well, in our effort to get to this root cause, what do you think we see so often with patients? Stress.

We ask them, “Why do you think that you’re not well? Why can’t you get your health back?” So often, what comes out of their mouth is, “Well, I feel stressed all the time.” Way back in the day, that wasn’t something that we heard as much as we do today. Whether it’s our personal lives, with relationships, our jobs, and/or our financial situations, Americans specifically, but also people in Western society today just in general, are feeling stressed. So, we need to be able to combat it because the effects of stress are really deleterious. They’re very damaging over time.

We’re not talking about extreme stress here. That would be like a death in the family, a divorce, something along those lines where people can go back and be like, “Ever since I was in this accident … “ or, “Ever since I had this sickness … “. Those types of stresses in the body, people can go back and pinpoint and say, “I was never the same since then.” We’re talking about this level of stress that just builds and is maintained throughout a person’s everyday existence. It creates stress in our adrenal glands, which is our major stress organs. This raises cortisol levels, and then ultimately we begin being affected physically.

It can be an immune system where you’re more prone to being sick. It can cause digestive upset, where you’re not digesting and assimilating your food. Maybe you’re developing what we call leaky gut syndrome, which is going to create a generalized inflammatory response in the body because we damage the lining of our gut, and stress plays a role in that. It can damage our brain. Who can deny that, right? We see brain fog and anxiety and depression related to stress.

Energy levels. Chronic fatigue syndrome. You know, the things that we ask patients in terms of what is your most pressing concern, what do you think it is? The number one symptom that we see with most patients is energy drain. They’re just tired. They never feel rested. They can barely make it through their day. They have to push themselves, and sometimes they’re not even doing things that they love in life because they just don’t have the energy. Then all the way down to fat gain or fat loss. The inability to burn fat. This propensity to lay down fat, and we become fat storers instead of fat burners. It’s so closely related to chronic stress levels in the body, and it changes our hormones in all different manners. So, you understand that this thing that we’re seeing today, stress, is certainly at the root cause of why we’re seeing so many health conditions in our country today.

Here’s the good news! There’s things that can be done naturally that will make a big, big difference in terms of your ability to deal with stress because that’s the key. We’re all going to encounter stress. How resilient are we to dealing with that stress? That’s going to be the ultimate key in determining how it impacts your body and your health.

Number one thing that I recommend to dissipate stress is exercise. We are a nation of couch potatoes. Too much computer, too much television, too much smartphone, too much sitting at a desk all day long. We are deficient in movement and that’s what you need to do. If you want to dissipate some stress, go out for a 60 minute walk. Even if it’s not that long, just go out for a 15 minute walk. Go up and down some hills. Get a little bit out of breath. I promise you, over time that simple bit of exercise will start to make a difference for you. I also love weightlifting.

Weightlifting is a great way to help dissipate stress and rebuild the body and help in strength. So, exercise and something as simple as walking is good. I also have done videos, on what we call high intensity interval training (HIIT). Look at those videos, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. That’s a great way to alleviate stress in the brain, change your hormones, and just get rid of the build up of stress in our bodies.

The second thing that I want to talk about, though, is just getting outside. Guys, I talked to you about the number one symptom that we see, fatigue. What do you think the number one thing that we see deficiency wise in the body whenever we test is? Low vitamin D levels. We’ve been told that the sun gives us cancer, the sun makes us sick. Our ancestors lived outside in the sun. They worked in the sun. They didn’t get skin cancer. We’ve been lied to, it’s not about that. It’s all the other things that we’re doing in our lives that are creating these issues. Our body needs sunlight. We need sunshine! Get outside! Absorb that sunshine and fresh air. That helps to build vitamin D levels in your body, and it’s going to help to dissipate stress in your life, I promise you that.

Another thing is the big foundational thing, which is the food that we eat. If you’re the type of person that is eating a lot of carbohydrates (foods that readily turn to sugar in your body like breads and biscuits and bagels and pasta and rice and cereals), you need to get away from those foods for a period of time. Focus on more what I would call cleaner carbs. Things like yams, sweet potatoes, and then limited amounts of fruit like berries and apples. Try to go organic if you can, because we want to get rid of the toxins, which are also playing a major role in this stress epidemic that we see today.

You want to get rid of bad fats such as vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, and margarines. You want to go with good fats. Good fats are going to help the brain. Our brain is made of 60% fat! If you’re feeling the effects of stress, you want to build your brain by eating healthy fats. That’s going to be fats such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, avocados, grass-fed beef, free range chicken, and free range eggs. Those healthy fats will help heal your brain, heal cells, and heal your hormones.

Look, I mentioned cells. You always got to go back to the cell level of the body. That’s our foundation. That’s where our health comes from. If you’re sick, your cells are sick. If you want to be well, you have to fix the cell. Stop putting the sugar in, get rid of the bad fats, and then eat the healthy fat which will help to heal the membrane of the cell, which oftentimes is damaged.

Then the other thing is really, really simple. So many people that I see, they don’t drink enough clean water. Some people don’t drink any water in the day. They’re counting on other types of liquids and solutions. Not the same thing. Your body needs clean water. You need to be hydrated. So, what we tell people is, try to get half of your body weight in ounces per day of water. Some of you don’t need to go that high but at a minimum, I would say 60, 70 ounces of water. Good, clean water. Spring water or filtered water. Not chlorinated, fluoridated water, but clean water that’s been purified.

So, if you like this information guys, we have a lot more if you would just click on the link above, or go to

I hope this helps.

Take care, guys. God bless.



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