Thyroid & Water

“Better Health Begins At The Cell.” -Dr. Bill Cole

(If you have or suspect you might have thyroid related problems go to and watch the short video (about 23 minutes) that I made for you. It’s free… You don’t even have to give me your email.)

Hey everybody, imagine that you are a woman who has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition, like hypothyroid, and you’re doing all the right things, right? You’re taking your medication, you’re eating right, you’re exercising, getting adequate rest and sleep, but you live in a community that has fluoridated water. Unbeknownst to you, you’re drinking eight glasses of water a day not knowing that the chemicals in that water may be harming you and your thyroid function.

Before there were things like anti-thyroid drugs that today are given to suppress thyroid function in people who have hyperthyroid disease, back in the day, doctors prescribed fluoride. That’s right. The very thing that’s in our water today, they used to suppress thyroid function. It was generally shown that anywhere between two and five milligrams a day, which if you’re drinking eight glasses of water a day, is more than enough to surpass your thyroid function. How crazy is that? Doing all the right things, and then you’re drinking water that has a chemical in it that is damaging your thyroid and suppressing its function.

That’s one example of what’s happening with the chemicals in our lives. I want to talk more and more about this to you guys because, even just the other day, my wife and I were at the movie theater, and I got a text from a patient who was frustrated because she’s not progressing as fast as she wanted to be. Then, the next day I talked to her on the phone, and sure enough, she’s got some things in her life that she’s being exposed to from a chemical standpoint that are potentially really hurting her. She just didn’t know about it.

So many people that I see doing the right things either have an ongoing exposure to toxins, or have been exposed enough over a lifetime that they are harboring these chemicals in their body which are then not allowing their self to ever be healthy. I just wanted to throw that out there today, because the one thing that you can do is get rid of city water, if that’s what you’re drinking. Filter your water. Find a way. I have a well, and I made sure that my well water is clean through testing, but for most of you don’t have access to well water. You have to filter your water.

Chlorine is another thing that’s in the water. Chlorine and fluoride are in the same family, and they compete with iodine in the thyroid. They will compete at the receptor site with iodine, meaning that iodine can’t attach to the cells, and it can’t send its signal. So, your body can’t utilize it to manufacture more of the thyroid hormones.

It’s just one example. So, if you’re drinking city water, guys, you’ve got to filter your water. For all of us, even those who don’t have a thyroid problem because, honestly, I could go into detail even as it relates to your husbands, how it could be contributing to weight gain, and fatigue, and things that we see in men across the board. In epidemic numbers, more and more, we’re seeing so many of these, what we would call Western-type, new-millennial-type diseases. So, I just wanted to bring that to you.

I hope this helps.

Take care, guys. God bless.




Our mission is to help as many people as possible reach their highest level of health through cellular healing. “Fix the cell to get well.”

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Key Cellular Nutrition

Key Cellular Nutrition

Our mission is to help as many people as possible reach their highest level of health through cellular healing. “Fix the cell to get well.”

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